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תמונות שקבלנו ממתנדבים
Bob Kuder
As a college-age young Christian, I attended a non-denominational church in Kalamazoo, Michigan - back in the 1970s. Our pastor heard about Project Kibbutz and shared the information with the congregation. After much prayer - there were four of us who left Michigan - back in 1978 for Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim. Our PK group was made up of 15 people. I quickly learned that PK "accepted anyone" regardless of their qualifications - and our group was reduced to 13.  I have many fond memories of my time in Israel. I still keep in touch with my Kibbutz family and some of the PK people from our group. I’ve used the Bible study methods, “Chapter Analysis” and “Verse Cross Reference”. Our group leader, Nick Conner, was transferred to a different PK group and I was put into place as our group leader, by Art Carlson.  My “job” on the Kibbutz was milking cows in the refet. A task I enjoyed and they quickly learned that I was a reliable volunteer to show up for the 3 A.M. milking! I also was struck by the landscape of Israel - the beauty and diversity ~ a variety similar to its people. It was much fun to explore the back streets of Jerusalem and I really enjoyed the “trips” our group did throughout the countryside - visiting Biblical sites. We were fortunate to camp for about seven days in the Sinai - before it was surrendered to Egypt.  I treasure the many fond memories and the experience definitely shaped my life.
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Jerusalem Knesset BuildingKibbutz factoryMauri and family
Pictures sent by Johanna R.
הקליקו על התמונות כדי להגדילן
קרית ענבים 1975
BEIT SHALOM from Japan
Beit Shalom from Japan
Beit Shalom